February 7th-9th - Streaming To The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

“How Would You Like To Attend Our 3-DAY ‘FHL ‘23

 Virtual Encore Of

Funnel Hacking LIVE ‘23...

...And Only Pay After If You Think It’s Worth It?!”

Experience a conference from the comfort of your own home
“How Would You Like To Attend Our 3-DAY VIRTUAL Conference

And Only Pay After The Conference IF You Feel Like It Was Worth It?!?”

From: Russell Brunson
Where: Boise, Idaho

Hey everybody... 

We've decided to do it again!

Yes, earlier this year we did our first EVER virtual conference called: 
We had over 5,000 people register for this online event, 
and the success stories from those who attended have been amazing...

They loved the strategies...

The connections they made…

The powerful stories that were shared from other Funnel Hackers…

And the motivational BOOST to secure and scale their business!
But SOMETHING happened afterward that we didn’t plan on…

Everyone loved it SO much, that we’ve been constantly getting hounded with the same question…
“When Can We Do This Conference AGAIN?”
From: Russell Brunson
Where: Boise, Idaho
At this last Funnel Hacking LIVE we did things differently...

Instead of speakers sharing various marketing strategies... we focused everything on ONE thing: ‘The Linchpin’.

People went bananas...


Because they got to see first-hand, how ‘The Linchpin’ works to bring in BOATLOADS of paying members into any continuity membership regardless of business or economy...

They also got to witness how ‘The Linchpin’ took ClickFunnels from a start-up in a tiny office with just 3 members... to becoming a 9-figure /yr business in just 3 short years!

After the event, people were begging for encore... but I said no...
Russell Brunson
I said we can do EVEN BETTER.
So instead of a regular encore, I hand-picked THE quintessential presentations that can teach you about ‘The Linchpin’, show you step-by-step how it works...

...including real-world examples from entrepreneurs who are currently using ‘The Linchpin’ in their business with incredible success!

After FHL, I wasn’t expecting the overwhelming number of people reaching out, thanking me for showing them ‘The Linchpin’ and how to use it to build profitable continuity memberships for their own businesses.
That’s when I realized I hit a serious “pain point.”
See, right now... more than ever... businesses are struggling to get and then KEEP customers.

Sooooooo many customers are coming in through the front door and out the back faster than your “welcome email” gets clicked open.

You can’t build a thriving continuity membership program if you can’t build upon your customer base month after month.

‘The Linchpin’ SOLVES this problem.

If You Want Long-Term, Sustainable Business...

The Linchpin Model Is The Way
If you want to outspend your competitors and acquire more customers, The Linchpin Model is THE BEST, most effective marketing system that works for any business.

The Linchpin model revolutionizes normal, “stale” funnels and gives you a multi-dimensional, geometrically advanced way to run your business.

And I want to give you the BEST step-by-step presentations from the top entrepreneurs who are using ‘The Linchpin’ model in their own business... so you can get your....
FIRST 1,000 paying members to your membership site FAST!

Name of The Game in 2024:

The Power Of Continuity For Recurring Revenue

That’s where ‘The Linchpin’ shines...

When you implement ‘The Linchpin’—and in the correct way we’ll be showing you in the Two Comma Club LIVE conference—you have the potential of writing your own checks.

You can finally say goodbye to “hustling” yourself to death to maintain customer numbers... or having to churn client after client every month.
After you implement ‘The Linchpin’ in your marketing for 2024...
  • You’ll finally have a real working “continuity offer” where sales compound month after month... and have it work regardless of economic shifts.
  • You’ll finally break out of the “hamster wheel” of churning out client after client
  • You’ll finally have a business on YOUR terms, giving you the freedom, time, and income you deserve!
  • You’ll finally have a marketing system that attracts your first 1,000 paying members that become die-hard fans of you!
In short — If you want to outspend your competitors and acquire more customers, The Linchpin Model is THE BEST, most effective marketing system that works for any business.

The Linchpin model revolutionizes normal, “stale” funnels and gives you a multi-dimensional, geometrically advanced way to run your business!
Now, the most difficult milestone Tends to be the first “1,000”...
First 1,000  calories burned...

First 1,000 words written...

First 1,000 dollars made online...

It’s hard because that number can feel daunting, especially if you don’t know what that first “1,000” feels like.
But picture this...

Imagine you brought in your first 1,000 people paying you $47 /mo into your membership program...
How would your life be different if you had 1,000 people paying you $47 every month...?

How about $100 a month...?

What would you do if you had 1,000 people paying you $497 a month...?
Think you would be able to pay off debts faster...?
Maybe say “sayanora” to the ol’ clock-in, clock-out daily grind..?

Or, what if you could finally take that trip you’ve been promising your spouse or family...

I want to do something special that I promise can help blow past the “1,000 difficulty” belief...

...by giving you my most coveted secret that’s like attaching “rocket boosters” to your marketing, helping you get your first 1,000 paying members into your membership site FAST!
That’s why we created:
Our FREE 3-Day Virtual Conference can help you get your first 1,OOO paying members into any membership site... so you can create your own FREEDOM in 2024!!”
Two Comma Club LIVE
Russell Brunson
Russell Brunson
What exactly IS
"Two Comma Club LIVE"?
It’s a 3-day immersive conference that I will be streaming from our offices here in Boise, Idaho… 
And we’re also going to stream presentations from some of the TOP RATED speakers from Funnel Hacking LIVE 9!

We hand-selected the presentations that had the BIGGEST impact to our 5,000+ Attendees at FHL. These presenters will show you how they’ve successfully implemented the ‘The Linchpin’ model to help grow their businesses FAST.

Whether you’re in ecomm, consulting, coaching, info products, or health supplements... or if you’re a creative that’s looking to build a “side-hustle” that actually grows and is worth your time...

...‘The Linchpin’ model—as demonstrated in these presentations—
can become YOUR ticket to the life, freedom, and income you deserve!
Most of you have NEVER seen these incredible presentations before!
If you missed these presentations at FHL… you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss this ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance to hear the presentations that had the BIGGEST impact to our Funnel Hackers. The only way to access these training sessions was to attend our previous Funnel Hacking LIVE events.

And if you have attended Funnel Hacking LIVE and heard these presentations before, you’ll definitely want to sit down with a notebook and watch them AGAIN!

You’re in a different place in your business now…
Which means, you’ll be watching each session through a completely different LENS than before…
And you’ll be searching for (and paying attention to) different solutions...

So…whether you’ve seen some of these presentations LIVE at one of our events, or if it’s your first time…
...it’s SO important to watch these with a pen and notebook handy, so you can pull different “a-ha’s” that you can implement from each session!

Want to get a taste of what we’ll be covering each day? 


2 Core Frameworks

That You’ll Discover Inside Two Comma Club LIVE ‘Linchpin’ Edition!

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll be learning
Featuring Russell Brunson
The Foundation
First, I (Russell) will show you the two core frameworks you’ll be learning from during the conference — The Attractive Character Flywheel and The Linchpin.

Then you’ll learn the first step... the FOUNDATION of any business... how to build a MASSIVE list of hungry buyers.


Russell Brunson
Attractive Character Flywheel
Email Newsletters
To collect hungry buyers, you need the #1 essential tool in marketing: Email. When done correctly, email can become the backbone of your business, consistently producing sales regardless of economic climate.

There’s no one better to discuss email newsletters that produce sales than the marketing legend, Perry Belcher. Perry will show you how he used A.I. to help write email newsletters that produced over $200MM in sales in 36 months!


Perry Belcher
Attractive Character Flywheel
Short Form Videos
TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Insta Reels... short form videos are dominating the online landscape— giving YOU the great opportunity to rake in customers daily!

Eric Thayne will teach you how to use YouTube shorts to organically grow a MONSTER list of customers (who love everything you put out)... and do it without giving a single DIME to King Zuck or the Google Monster.


Eric Thayne
The Linchpin
Create Your Membership Site
It’s true — continuity is King. Why? Because continuity allows for predictable, sustainable business growth month after month without having to worry about re-fill your customer pool. However...

...a lot of entrepreneurs and small business owners are confused on how they can turn what they already have into a continuity membership.

Then, you’ll learn how Stu McLaren who has mastered the art of the easy-to-start and maintain “membership model.” He’ll reveal his #1 DIE-HARD CUSTOMER secret to KEEPING customers engaged and excited with everything you put out... and in turn, transforming a high-churn rate into a high-earn rate!!


Stu McLaren
The Linchpin
The “MIFGE” stands for “Most Incredible Free Gift Ever” where you stack the offer... make it so downright irresistible... it’s practically impossible for customers to say “no” to.

But... how do you do that? What’s the “science” behind a “MIFGE” offer? And what’s the difference between a “MIFGE” offer that tanks... and one that can transform your business practically overnight...?

I (Russell) will throw back the curtain and show you what a “MIFGE” offer looks like, how to make it irresistible, and how you can build your very own “MIFGE” offer for an avalanche of your golden customers.


Russell Brunson
Attractive Character Flywheel
Longform Video
Longform videos still reigns supreme when it comes to attracting people who want to be educated. (Plus, these types of viewers tend to become your “super fans” that purchase everything you put out...)

Cathy will show you how she kills two “Googles” with one stone... allowing her to get not just one... but TWO streams of income (selling cookbooks) without paying a dime on traffic!

Bonus: Cathy will also show you the top 5 do’s and don’ts if you want to succeed on YouTube.


Cathy Yoder
Attractive Character Flywheel
Influencer & JV Traffic
Influencer marketing is the most effective way to build a list of buyers who view you as someone they can trust.

Dan Fleyshman manages some of the BIGGEST celebrity influencers around the world... and is MASTER when it comes to influencer marketing — that actually works — without breaking the bank.

In his presentation, Dan will show you how to use influencers to get traffic to grow your business FAST!

Then, after Dan’s presentation on influencer marketing, you’ll learn one of my FAVORITE types of traffic— JV or affiliate traffic!

Kathryn Jones will show you her 5 steps to booking joint venture partners, speaking gigs, podcasts... without networking or schmoozing... and have it work for YOU even if you’re a beginner.


Dan Fleyshman


Kathryn Jones
Attractive Character Flywheel
Dramatic Demonstration #1
“Dramatic Demonstrations” have been used for YEARS. It’s a way to draw attention, attract a “crowd” of interested people... and then get them to take action.

Whether it’s a challenge, webinar, a virtual event, or a live event... dramatic demonstrations are critical to attracting the right customers.

First up, Steve J. Larsen and myself will give you the art and science of the “dramatic demonstration,” including where they come from, and how to use them in your own business.

He’ll show you his exact methods (including why you should give your best content away for free...), and how you can implement them into your business for INCREDIBLE growth, all without spending a small fortune on ads.


Russell Brunson


Steve J. Larsen
Attractive Character Flywheel
Dramatic Demonstration #2
Running live events (virtual or in-person) and challenges are a quintessential way to sell high-ticket offers, as well as attracting a massive amount of people.

But they can feel “daunting” if you’ve never ran one before...
In these presentations, you’re going to first learn how Bari Baumgardner runs super successful (and profitable) live events with ease, which includes the events she’s run for ClickFunnels as well as Tony Robbins.

Then, at FHL, I brought Neo Davis on-stage to show everyone how he runs high-ticket challenges unlike anyone I’ve seen.


Bari Baumgardner


Neo Davis
The Linchpin
Attractive Character Power Hour
Now, in order to make the Attractive Character Flywheel work within The Linchpin, you need an attractive character!

During the Attractive Character “Power Hour," you’ll get a closer look at how to develop YOUR own attractive character that fits your brand or business.
Kaelin Poulin — founder of LadyBoss and one of the most successful entrepreneurs from our ClickFunnels family — will show you her secret sauce that helped her SKYROCKET her LadyBoss brand... eventually serving over 1 MILLION women worldwide!

After Kaelin, you’ll hear from McCall Jones who will guide you on figuring out your “charisma type” so that you can be the real authentic YOU in your business.

Lastly, you’ll hear from Kevin Anson. Kevin is an expert at making paid ads that get clicks! In his presentation, he’ll show you how to weave your attractive character into highly-engaging paid ads for big ROI!


Kaelin Poulin


McCall Jones


Kevin Anson
 PLUS! Bonus Presentations From...
Setema Gali
An entrepreneur and world-renowned life coach — will show you his 5-step process to channeling your desire into action, and then into reality! 
Dr. Ben Hardy
Best-selling author of Willpower Doesn’t Work and 10X Is Easier Than 2x— will show you his simple mind-hack principles to achieving everything you want in life... and how to do it without burning out or “losing” yourself in the process.
Ben Kjar
Is an entrepreneur, professional speaker, and an NCAA Division 1 Wrestling All-American champion. Born with a craniofacial anomaly called Crouzon's syndrome, Ben grew up feeling “different”... but that didn’t stop him from achieving his dreams.

Ben shares his story, as well as his method on how to use your “differences” to break through “minimum mentality” and embody the authentic YOU you were called to be.
After watching these presentations, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to craft...
Your Very Own ‘Linchpin’ For Your Marketing!
...and have it work to bring in your FIRST 1,000 paying members in a matter of weeks if not days!
What would life look like if you had just 100 paying members each paying you $97 a month...? (I’ll let you do the math...;)


Imagine how you’d feel waking up in the morning, no longer rushed to get out the door and into a cold car, to then be stuck in traffic...

...but relaxed and at ease, knowing you run a successful membership with 1,000 members each paying you $197 a month, and doing it all from the cozy comfort of your own home.

I’m not saying it WILL happen to you. (Mabe the “cozy comfort” part...)
But what I am saying is— I’ve seen NUMEROUS businesses (including my own) transform practically overnight after they’ve implemented ‘The Linchpin’...

And you’ll get to see it first hand, too, when you sign up below now and register for the Two Comma Club LIVE ‘Linchpin Edition’ for FREE!

I’ll show you everything there is to know about ‘The Linchpin’, including how to build it, implement it, and launch it so you can get your first 1,000 paying members, and FAST!

Again, if you don’t like the conference, and you feel like you didn’t get a shred of value out watching all of the presentations, then you don’t pay me a dime.
On Top Of The Training…
You Will Also Have Access To
Funnel Hacking Live Round Table
On top of the cool sessions each day, we’ll also be doing these awesome little breakout sessions where you can network with other like minded entrepreneurs.
These sessions can lead to: 
  • Creating New Partnerships!
  • Finding Potential JV’s Partners! 
  • Creating New Affiliates Relationships!
  • ​Lifelong Friendships!
  • ​And More!
Who Is The “Two Comma Club LIVE” Conference Created For?
Now you might be wondering who Two Comma Club LIVE “Linchpin Edition” is for…

Well, it’s for what we call the 1% Crazy.

Now by Crazy I don’t mean people who like pineapple on pizza… (that’s disgusting) 
  • It’s for those who feel like their business is a calling… and that they want to change the world… 
  • It’s for those who know they NEED to grow their company online, impact their customers lives, and provide for their loved ones. 
  • The ones who get excited to learn about marketing, personal development and modelling what success looks like. 
  • ​​Those who want to attract their FIRST 1,000 paying members FAST!
If that sounds like you... then welcome to the 1% crazy, this conference was created for YOU!
Multiple Two Comma Club Award
Multiple Two Comma Club Award 2
Now, you’re probably wondering… 
“How much will it Cost to have me, and some of the top entrepreneurs entertain and train you and your family for 3 days…?”
We wanted to do something special.
Normally if you were to attend any of our Funnel Hacking LIVE events, it is $1,000 per person.
(That means, to bring a family of 7 - like mine - it would cost $7,000!)

Oh, and you have flights… hotels… and food costs.

But, since we’re going to be streaming it LIVE into your home, or to your phone…

And because I want your business to THRIVE in 2024...
What if we let you attend… for FREE!?!
Well, it’s kinda for free… Let me explain:

The conference costs $197 to attend…

BUT… I want to make sure that you LOVE it, BEFORE you pay…

So, this is how it works.

You just put in your credit card numbers to reserve your seat, but you won't be billed ANYTHING YET…
You can then attend the entire Conference… for FREE…
And then AFTER the conference, IF you LOVE IT, and IF it changes your life…

Then do NOTHING, and we’ll bill you the $197 AFTER it’s over.
Two Comma Club LIVE
If for some reason you decide that the Conference isn’t for you
then on the last day, I’ll give you a special email address, that you can email and let me know that you didn’t think it was worth the $197…
If so, then we’ll cancel your order, and you will never pay anything.

Does that sound fair? 

Cool…! (That way, you only pay if you feel it was worth every penny!) 
Two Comma Club Award Recipients
 NOTE: There Will Be NO REPLAYS!
This is not something that you buy... And then “hopefully you’ll get around to watching it later.”

This is a LIVE event… it’s happening February 7th - 9th, 2024… They are FULL DAYS starting at 11 AM Eastern (8 AM Pacific), with bonus sessions…

That means you need to block out the time…

Take off work…

Get a babysitter for the kids… or better yet, INVITE THEM TO JOIN US!!!

And come prepared to learn and implement! 
Garrett J. White Two Comma Club Award
Yes! I’m Ready To IGNITE My Business!
*Guaranteed Or You Pay NOTHING!*
Would you pay $197 to learn the secrets of what “The Crazy 1%” are currently doing inside their businesses to earn their way into the Two Comma Club and beyond?

If you could grab and implement just a handful of principles they are using inside their business...would it be worth it?

Can you even imagine the golden nuggets that they’ve already struggled with, learned the ‘hard way’, and are going to teach you (so you can have a major short-cut)?

During this priceless Two Comma Club LIVE ‘Linchpin Edition’ virtual conference, you'll get to spend 3 FULLY packed days with me (Russell Brunson), as we unpack and dive deep into some of the TOP Funnel Hacking LIVE Linchpin presentations…
Two Comma Club Award Winners
This is how it works...
 Step #1 - Reserve Your Seat
The first step is to put in your credit card right now to reserve your virtual seat to Two Comma Club LIVE ‘Linchpin Edition’!
 Step #2 - Attend The Conference
Next, you (and your entire family!) attend the 3-Day online virtual conference and create your LINCHPIN to help you rake in your first 1,000 paying customers to your membership site!

You'll also get a sneak peek inside of the "Funnel Hacking LIVE" vault, and see some of our top presentations of all time!
 Step #3 - Decide If It Was Worth It!
At the end of the 3-Day LIVE conference, if you don’t feel transformed and armed with IMPLEMENTABLE knowledge that can push your business forward, then just email us at our private email address (that we'll reveal at the end of the conference), and you won't have to pay a penny!
But if you're like most people, you will LOVE the experience! If so, then do NOTHING, and we'll bill you the $197 ticket price AFTER the conference is over! 

Does that sound MORE than fair!?!  Cool, then reserve your seat NOW, by filling out the form below:
Step #1 - Let's Get Started - Pick Your Plan
$0 now; then $197 after the event
Step #2 - Your Contact Information:
Step #3 - Add Your Credit Card:
Step #4 - Special One Time upgrade:

ADD ‘THE LINCHPIN’ BOOK (DIGITAL) + TRAINING FOR ONLY $47!: Get ‘The Linchpin’ book (digital) PLUS ‘The Linchpin’ training that Russell Brunson gave at Funnel Hacking LIVE where he revealed for the first time ever the secret to ClickFunnels’ success and how anyone can adopt the same framework as their own! Normally $997... but right now you can secure ‘The Linchpin’ book (digital) PLUS ‘The Linchpin’ training for only $47!! But you have to act now - this offer isn’t available anywhere else at this LOW price!

Order Summary: 
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Dynamically Updated $XX.00
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